Feb 20, 2011

You have slain Xantipa!

While Tremeear and I have been grinding away, the screenshots have been piling up. Since we have neglected to post anything interesting as of late, I will leave you with this marvelous gem. While fighting in Beholder's Maze, (to avoid the constant training in Runneye) I decided to pull from a bit deeper in. Of course, things didn't quite go as planned, as I aggro'ed Lord Soptyvr.

He promptly made me his bitch and turned me loose on my own party. Our poor druid, Xantipa, got the worst of it I fear. Once he was done with my party, he continued to charm me and took me back to his lair. I don't want to remember the rest of the details. The scary part is, I made it out of this alive. I can't say the same for my dignity. GG.

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