Feb 23, 2011

Classic Era Draws to a Close... or does it?

After defeating Cazic Thule tonight, the road to the continent of Kunark was revealed. In 90 days time, the world of Fippy will be at a crossroads. Do we go on to explore this strange new world, or do we stay behind to continue enjoying the challenges of the classic era? In a democratic twist, the denizens of Fippy Darkpaw will be given the opportunity to decide for themselves which path to choose.

Immediately upon the death of Cazic Thule, discussion erupted all over the world about what it all meant, and what would happen. As can be expected, some were jubilant, as Kunark has long been rumored to hold treasures beyond all imaginings. And some were not so pleased, as they felt the world was changing too quickly, while they still had much to experience and enjoy. One can expect the debate to continue over the next 90 days, while we all prepare for a vote that has the potential to change the world forever.

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