Feb 22, 2011

Fippy Darkpaw: Nagafen and Vox Down

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Twisted Legion once again showed their prowess by being the first on the Fippy Darkpaw server to slay both Nagafen and Vox last night. This means the Classic Planes of Fear and Hate are now open! Congrats TL on the kills.

This brings me to a topic that's of hot debate on the forums here at today, and that's the speed of which these players have been able to get to the end game and organized enough to down the first three bosses of EverQuest.
 I was in Permafrost last night when the kill happened and I saw many remarks there, and in other game channels, and now here on the boards expressing hostility towards the folks of TL. Now, I'm not, nor ever will take sides on these sorts of issues. These are your community forums and I don't want to impose my ideals upon them. They should be a place you feel comfortable. However, I will note that I'm a little bit surprised at some of the reactions. Inter-guild drama aside, I'm speaking mainly of the hostility some folks are displaying against the power players.
I suppose that has always been the case. Fact is there will always be players who can defeat content much faster than the large majority. This is the way they play and enjoy the game. But does that make them villains? Should these players be hated by the community solely for having the drive and ability to be at top spot in the raiding circuit?I'm of course not referring or condoning griefing methods to get there. I think a good top guild should be able to get to the #1 position by doing it with grace. That, to me, is the mark of a true uber guild. I am simply referring to the level of anger by a number of community members who have expressed their feelings based solely on the fact that these players have defeated the content already.
I guess I just fail to see the reason behind the frustration levels I saw last night and again today. Top guild accomplishments have literally no effect at all on most of us. If we're not raiding, we're certainly not in competition with them. I dare say most of us probably haven't even had much interaction with these guilds yet as they shot ahead of us early on.The whole purpose of the TLP is to empower the critical mass. We're the ones who decide when we want to open the next expansion. So, again, I'm not entirely sure why some of us are so angered by Twisted Legion and other power players who are at the end game now.

Congratulations on the kills! Now lets see some action in the Planes!

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