Feb 27, 2011

Efreeti Lord Djarn

After what seemed like hours of endless placeholder spawns, we finally got this sucker to pop. Efreeti Lord Djarn was no match for a well-timed Harm Touch, dropping faster than panties on prom night. To make up for his extended absence, he gave up the goods in the form of Djarns Amethyst Ring. This is probably one of the best rings for Hybrid/Casters in the Classic era. The resulting loot drama was retarded at best and ended with our Cleric refusing to heal the group and eventually getting himself killed. GG.

Feb 26, 2011

Return to Plane of Hate

Although not as exciting as the server-first kill news, I did manage to nab a decent screenshot of Innoruuk during the thick of battle. Shortly thereafter, I was gravity fluxed halfway across the room and murdered by Innoruuk's Chosen. Let's hope Kunark bosses pose more of a challenge, because Mage pets are absolutely dominating right now. So much for classic EverQuest! >__<

Lord Nagafen the Loot Piñata!

Unfortunately, the last time Lord Nagafen & Lady Vox were downed, we didn't have any cool screenshots to share. I was able to capture this fairly decent shot of Nagafen right before the killing blow was landed. Glorf managed to walk away with a Cloak of Flames, lucky bastard! The other gear is hardly worth mentioning. We did, however, manage to pick up one of the highly desirable Treasure Hunter's Satchels.

Feb 25, 2011

The Ocean of Tears

The aptly named Ocean of Tears offers many hours of goblin grinding and /ooc merriment. Here we are seen having a deep, philosophical discussion about the greatest rappers of all time. Ahh, how time flies when your mind-numbingly bashing your face into the key... er, having fun!

Feb 23, 2011

Classic Era Draws to a Close... or does it?

After defeating Cazic Thule tonight, the road to the continent of Kunark was revealed. In 90 days time, the world of Fippy will be at a crossroads. Do we go on to explore this strange new world, or do we stay behind to continue enjoying the challenges of the classic era? In a democratic twist, the denizens of Fippy Darkpaw will be given the opportunity to decide for themselves which path to choose.

Immediately upon the death of Cazic Thule, discussion erupted all over the world about what it all meant, and what would happen. As can be expected, some were jubilant, as Kunark has long been rumored to hold treasures beyond all imaginings. And some were not so pleased, as they felt the world was changing too quickly, while they still had much to experience and enjoy. One can expect the debate to continue over the next 90 days, while we all prepare for a vote that has the potential to change the world forever.

Cazic Thule Crushed!

So I, along with some friends, decided to pay a visit to the domain of the Fear God himself, Cazic Thule. After spending much time killing every single one of his minions, we wanted to say hello to the big man himself. It was only after he elected to death-touch one of us that we were forced to take lethal action, and put the monster down. Regrettably, his corpse rapidly despawned upon being looted, and I missed the opportunity for a better screenshot. However, I am sure I will have many more such opportunities in the days ahead.

Innoruuk Down!

After clearing out Plane of Hate to get some gear for the guild, we decided to pay the Lord of Hate, Innoruuk, a visit. Incidentally, as a Dark Elf Cleric, he is my deity. I guess I'm going to have to find a new god to pray to. Grats to all on the server-first kill, but more challenges await before the Classic era is complete!

Feb 22, 2011

Fippy Darkpaw: Nagafen and Vox Down

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Twisted Legion once again showed their prowess by being the first on the Fippy Darkpaw server to slay both Nagafen and Vox last night. This means the Classic Planes of Fear and Hate are now open! Congrats TL on the kills.

Feb 21, 2011

Erudite Clerics FTW?

A few nights ago, we managed to get a some people together for an old fashioned dungeon crawl. We had a fairly interested combination of races and classes with us, including a fabled Erudite Cleric. Woogie (our tank) was of the opinion that Erudite Clerics are the most difficult to play and therefore, badass. Izual (our resident Erudite Cleric) disagreed.

Feb 20, 2011

You have slain Xantipa!

While Tremeear and I have been grinding away, the screenshots have been piling up. Since we have neglected to post anything interesting as of late, I will leave you with this marvelous gem. While fighting in Beholder's Maze, (to avoid the constant training in Runneye) I decided to pull from a bit deeper in. Of course, things didn't quite go as planned, as I aggro'ed Lord Soptyvr.

He promptly made me his bitch and turned me loose on my own party. Our poor druid, Xantipa, got the worst of it I fear. Once he was done with my party, he continued to charm me and took me back to his lair. I don't want to remember the rest of the details. The scary part is, I made it out of this alive. I can't say the same for my dignity. GG.

Feb 17, 2011

Everquest Nostalgia Part I - Great Group Chat

Being on the Fippy server sure brings back memories. Grinding away for experience can get tedious at times, and group chat was a fun (and often times hilarious) way to pass the time. Some of the funniest discussions I've ever engaged in occurred in the context of an EQ grinding group. As is evidenced above, sometimes the chat is unintentionally hilarious.

Earlier in this South Ro group, we had killed Lockjaw. Grats to Beein for winning the vest!

Feb 15, 2011

"That's it, swine! You're outta here!"

Two Minutes Earlier:
Tremeear tells the group, 'train it away'
Tremeear tells the group, 'that's a kodiak'

That's some pretty sage advice Tremeear.

Over the next week, I expect the Commonlands guards will be working some serious overtime trying to keep the local wildlife at bay. Let's just be glad they were only young Kodiaks!


So I think this about sums up the leveling experience on Fippy Darkpaw so far. The newbie zones are ridiculously crowded, there are plenty of high level aggressive mobs all around, and XP gain has been significantly reduced. Only 47 levels to go, let's do this!

Fippy Darkpaw Incoming!!

With the release of the brand new EverQuest Time-Locked Progression server, a few of us old school EQ junkies have decided to fall off the wagon again. So far, it seems that the folks who have been working on the new server have put in quite a bit of effort to ensure that the experience is what The Sleeper and Combine servers should have been. The plan, as it stands right now, is to leap right in and attempt to get ahead of the pack. Fighting over highly-desirable camps all the way to 50 is not my idea of fun, so let's hope the grind will be relatively smooth. More updates will follow as we progress!